Polisport Releases Restyling Kits for Beta Models
Polisport Releases Restyling Kits for Beta Models


Polisport Releases Restyling Kits for Beta Models

At Polisport we believe every bike deserves a fresh start and, this time, we give Betas RR 2T and 4T from 2013-2019 a new style.

Polisport just announces new restyling kits, this time for BETA RR 2T,4T models, between 2013-19The kits are now available in Red, White, Black, and Nardo Grey

Two restyling kits are available with different plastics. One for the years from 2013 to 2017 another for the years 2018 and 2019. The restyling kit is based on the newer and acclaimed 2021 BETA model design.

After the realease, the usual time for it to be available at your local dealer. These kits include front fender, rear fender and side panels, radiator scoops, airbox covers, and headlight masks. The Nardo Grey kits will also include the fork guards.

Until then, and to answer all the questions of BETA fans, we pick some of the most frequently asked questions on social media. Check them all:


Do I need to make some modifications to apply the kit?

This kit was made to fit the original bikes, without any modifications needed. The Polisport kit will bolt just like the original parts.


Are you planning to do some protections/covers for Beta models?

We have swingarm protectors, clutch and ignition cover protectors, disc and bottom fork protectors and frame protectors. Available in black and OEM color.


What are the graphics available for the kit?

The graphics are specific for this restyling kit, so the current graphics won’t fit on the bike. You will need a different set of graphics for 2013-17 kit and 2018-19 kit.


Where can I find the graphics?

The graphics will be available through our official partners DeCal Works  in the US and Scrubdesignz in Europe. But, soon, you’ll be able to find them at your usual decal manufacturer.


How much it will cost?

The suggested retail price for standard colors is 178,20€ and $204,99. And, for nardo grey is 203,55€ and $233,99.


Where can I buy the kit?

These Beta Restyling Kits will be available through all our distributors worldwide. Please check who’s distributing Polisport in your country here.

BETAS will gain a new life with these 2 restyling kits.


Check the complete video:

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