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Some common questions for users / customers

  • Where can I find your catalog?
    Stay up to date with what's new in 2021:

    To consult the Bicycle Catalogue click here.
    To consult the Off-Road Catalogue click here.
  • I sell Polisport products at my store and I would like to be publicized in your distributor network.

    Send us an email to polisport@polisport.com with all your contact details.

  • I intend to become a Polisport distributor.

    To become a Polisport distributor in your country you should contact directly our commercial department.

    Go to the contact area and send us a message with "Commercial Questions" in the subject.

    There may already be a distributor in your country. Check here.

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  • How can I get spare parts for my products?

    You can search for the specific part you need in the online product catalogue. Every product page has a spare parts menu.

    If you cannot find it, please contact the shop where you bought it or the distributor in your country.

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