Bike Stand Basic
Bike Stand Basic


Bike Stand Basic

Track Accessory

The bike stand basic is the new installment of Polisport’s bike stand line. With a set of features that will fulfill every rider’s needs, a slick and minimal design to match every bike, a tough and resistant plastic body shell that will support up to 250 kg, it will be the right option for those looking for an affordable and good-looking stand.

The bike stand basic will be available in a black plastic shell, and a gray rubbery top. Brand colored tops will be available to buy as spare part, to match with the bike's color or to replace the worn top mats.

We make performance plastics.


- Supports 250 kg / 552 lb
- Embedded functional pockets to store tools
- Large free area with room for name, number and sponsor logo’s
- 95mm hole allows easy access to drain plug for oil changes
- Anti-slip top to grip bike’s frame
- Ultra-Lightweight, fully produced in plastic
- Rubber top mat secured with clips
- Rubber top mat can be replaced (sold as spare part)