Armadillo Pipe Guard - Here's Why You Need to Buy this Protection
Armadillo Pipe Guard - Here's Why You Need to Buy this Protection


Armadillo Pipe Guard - Here's Why You Need to Buy this Protection

Pro-riders have reviewed the armadillo pipe guard, and there are a few features you need to know about this pipe saver.

One year ago, Polisport released its pipe guard protector, the Armadillo. And, as usual, we decided to do things a bit differently. Approaching the issue of protecting the pipe, we decided to do a protection that would give your bike a rad look and added some color to your ride.

That is why we made a product that blended stainless steel and silicone. The stainless steel brings the protective feature to the product, giving resistance and impact protection. Nevertheless, it is still flexible enough to adapt to every 2-stroke pipe. The silicone ads a bit more protection, reduces noises that are usually on full metallic protections, and is resistant to the hot temperatures of the pipe. It also brings the color to these kinds of protections, something that wasn’t available on the market.

While these choices bring some good features to the product, we are aware of its shortcomings too. Since it is a blend of silicone and metal it may not be so well suited for very extreme riding, as fully metallic protections are. With that in mind, we tried to improve our product and bring a bit more to the table for those who must deal with a lot of impacts on the pipe.

We added an adhesion promoter to the metal and now the connection between silicone and metal is improved. This will avoid the silicone from peeling away when you hit and rub on the rocks and the Armadillo will keep its looks longer while protecting your pipe.

Now it's time to hear some of our partners that tested the part during this year and also tested the improved version of the Armadillo.

“I’ve been using the armadillo guard for 1 years now. It’s a great compromise between protection, looks, and performance. The guard is lightweight and looks great. I wasn’t a fan of many other protectors because they are large, heavy, and expensive. Although some of those provide better protection, I found the Armadillo to be plenty for my riding. It has saved my pipe from large dents on many occasions and I definitely do not ride gently...or crash gently. You should expect to have to replace it after some time because the rubber wears off and it loses its clean look but for the money, it holds up through a lot before that’s not needed.”Brad Roberts

“I now have about 15 hours or hard Enduro riding on the redesigned Armadillo pipe guard and wow! What an improvement, great job! It only has a couple small cuts in the coating it's holding up great. Thank you again for the new version, definitely restored my confidence in your products I actually just picked up your swingarm guards and clutch cover guard today for my new bike.”Jesse Pierce

“I've already tested it and I'm quite satisfied. Consistency has improved significantly. The use I give to my bike is extreme enduro. Despite many contacts with rocks, the protection keeps its function and looks reasonable. I think the fact that the temperature that reaches the pan may influence the degradation of the rubber. A hot contact can damage more easily. In my opinion if they were able to coat with rubber only from the inside. Leaving the plate on the outside or a protection with more resistance improved the product.” - Cristóvão Cabral

“I’m using the armadillo pipe guard, I already test it on my bike during enduro training and race. My feedback about it: that's a protection that everybody should use, specifically for who wants to protect the bike in case of fall, the armadillo protects the pipe very well and avoids a lot of damage. The armadillo is very resistant and does not suffer long-term damage. I suggest using the Polisport Armadillo pipe guard on every enduro bike!”Giovanni Colomba

As you might already know, this exhaust pipe protector has a universal fit for 2 stroke bikes (length 60cm / 24in) and is available in five different colors.

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