R550 - New Ultralightweight Sport Bottle
R550 - New Ultralightweight Sport Bottle


R550 - New Ultralightweight Sport Bottle

2020 Collection

R550 is the new lightweight cycling bottle in the range. Weighing only 53g, the R550 competes now in the high-performance cycling bottles category.

Besides its industry-leading low weight, it brings together a one-handed ergonomic design which makes it easier to grab.

The bottle is produced using BPA free polypropylene which also provides a super-soft squeeze experience. The tip is produced using a super soft TPE compound that promotes a soft opening and also incorporates a high flow channel so that you can easily satisfy your thirst.

With a wide opening for an easy refill and cleaning the R550 will become the pop star of the cycling teams that no longer have to carry out the waisted weight.

This model is available in 6 different color combinations and all of them have a clear scale that helps you to quickly check the liquid amount.

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