Polisport Biodegradable bottle wins Eurobike IFdesign Award
Polisport Biodegradable bottle wins Eurobike IFdesign Award


Polisport Biodegradable bottle wins Eurobike IFdesign Award

Biodegradable bottle awarded

Biodegradable Bottle was chosen by the Jury of the prestigious Eurobike IFdesign Awards as one the best products of the year in this fair that is taking place between August 29th and Sptember 1st.


The Eurobike IFdesign Award is a seal of quality, which has established an excellent reputation in the industry over the past five years, provides the retail trade as well as consumers with an endorsement of good design and a sense of orientation on a flourishing growth market.


This award comes after another recent prize at the Outdoor Industry Awards where the jury stated:


"This drinking bottle has very high environmental and sustainable value. It is made of non-fossil fuel, which protects valuable resources. In addition, it breaks down completely under composting conditions within six months. Its design is clean and simple. In this competition, it is the most convincing environmentally compatible product. Great ¨C that¡¯s really work for a GOLD award!"


Polisport biodegradable bottle is made of natural raw material not only avoiding the bad residuals at the end of its life cycle but also reducing the greenhouse gases emission during the production process. Better still, during degradation, the bottle works as a fertilizer.