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100% LED technology


Halo Led


On this version, the headlight includes a Long-lasting LED bulb with a powerful light output (passing beam:508 lumens; Driving beam:1007 lumens). This version is completely homologated by ECE and DOT standards, making it road legal in Europe and USA. The new LED bulb is stable, providing cool with light for an optimal brightness. You can have the HALO LED in all brand colors, black and white.

LED illumination - 100% LED technology
Homologated LED light for road use in Europe (ECE approved) and USA (DOT approved)
Works with AC/DC 12V
Passing beam: 508 lumens
Driving beam: 1007 lumens
Stable ligth, with no flicker during low and high rpm
Cool white light providing optimal brightness
Long-lasting LED bulb
More energy efficient than Hologen light bulbs
Connections: Standard 0,62" plug connector (4 circuits)
Universal Mounting System
Headlight extensions (20 and 40 mm) and rubber for vibration reduction
Graphics: Polisport Decals
8667100001 - white
8667100002 - black/white
8667100003 - yellow rm/white
8667100004 - orange KTM/white
8667100005 - blue yam98/white
8667100006 - red CR/white
8667100007 - green05/white
LED Lamp

Removable Number Plate
8657400017 - white
8657400018 - black
8657400019 - yellow rm
8657400020 - orange KTM
8657400021 - blue yam98
8657400022 - red cr04
8657400023 - green 05

Headlight Extensions

Vibration Reduction Straps
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