New Tool Bottle
New Tool Bottle


New Tool Bottle

2019 Collection

With the Polisport New Tool Bottle, you can easily fit a spare tube, some tyre levers, a multi-tool and some puncture patches in the 600ml hollow of the Polisport Tool Bottle, with a little bit of room to spare for any other tiny tool preferences you may have.

There's definitely enough room in there for the ride essentials even if you need to store some other objects such as your keys or some coffee cash!

This is a really good alternative to the saddle-bag because you will benefit from a wider opening with easier access than that of your normal saddle-bag and avoid some unstrapping as well. And of course, the certainty that it’s also waterproof so you won’t ever have experience again the necessity to suddenly dry the contents of a saddle-bag after a five-hour wheel-spraying soaking.

Our top benefit is that you can still use it to transport water in it since the material complies with food contact regulation.