Throughout Polisport´s history, Service and Innovation have been core values, instrumental in securing and satisfying customers and partners. We believe that while the quality of our products is one success factor, it must be complemented by service that is efficient, fast, attentive and tailored to the customer’s needs.

In the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) sector, where factors such as distance to the end customer and transportation costs are seen as a disadvantage, we offer counter-arguments which are of even greater relevance to the final decision, such as quality of service, flexibility and innovation.
The development of IPD (Inmold Plastic Decals), a technology patented by Polisport, gave us access to the world's leading motorcycle manufacturers.
In fact, innovative technologies such as IPD (Inmold Plastic Decals), DGP (Durable Gloss Polypropylene), DI (Dual Injection) and PD + (Plastic Decor Plus) have enabled us to secure increasing numbers of new customers who see Polisport as a reliable partner offering differentiated products with unique added value. These are the customers who identify with both our vision and our corporate mission.
Polisport’s innovations in recent years have been distinguished with the COTEC-BPI SME first prize for innovation. In 2010, the company was declared the most innovative SME in Portugal. With regard to materials design and technology, our work has been distinguished twice at the prestigious international IF Design Awards. The innovative nature of what we do is reflected in the environmentally friendly materials we use, our proprietary technologies for production of plastics, the design of our products and our internal working methods.

We currently work for the leading brands in the motorcycle industry:
  • KTM (Austria)
  • Triumph (USA)
  • BMW (Germany)
  • Honda (Japan)
  • Gas Gas (Spain)
  • Rieju (Spain)
  • Husqvarna (Italy)
  • AJP (Portugal)

In the Bicycles market, our OEM and Private Label customers include:
  • Decathlon (France)
  • Sport Zone (Portugal)
  • Intersport (France)
  • Raleigh (UK)

The OEM market currently represents a significant portion of the Polisport Group’s turnover, highlighting the company’s dedication to the highest possible standards, satisfying even the most demanding partners.