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Radiator Shrouds - SX 2015 - KTM

KTM Radiator Shrouds for SX 2015 models incorporate our IPD label instead of stickers.

Technical solutions used on this product  

    • IPD  (Inmold plastic decals) technology - this technology fuses graphics onto plastic parts as an alternative to bicycle graphics decals.

      It’s an added value for manufacturers and bicycle owners, since IPD graphics will not fade, peel, crack or separate from the plastic, saving money for costly replacements. Furthermore, IPD parts are lighter than those decorated with PS labels, an important benefit for racing. And, because it is made from recyclable plastics, IPD avoids the continuous waste of stickers, as it is an eco-friendly technology.         


    • Double Injection 

    • Polypropylene 

  • 100 % automated process – the first and second injection are performed simultaneously, with the help of robots. The robot is used to position the inmolding film in the mold and to remove the finished item.

  • YEAR: 2012