3 Ways to Spend the Coronavirus Quarantine Safe (And Sane)
3 Ways to Spend the Coronavirus Quarantine Safe (And Sane)


3 Ways to Spend the Coronavirus Quarantine Safe (And Sane)

We're about to tell you 3 ways to keep you moving, even in these rough times. Quarantine is not an excuse to stop your everyday exercise.

As coronavirus impacts the life of more and more people, you might be feeling fearful about what’s to come.

Please guarantee that you and your family are adapting all the preventive measures like washing your hands properly, keeping  social distance, sneeze and cough into your elbow and not the palm of your hand, disinfect high-contact surfaces such as door handles, light switches, and all the advices given by World Health Organization, that you can check here.

Here are three ways to spend the coronavirus quarantine safe and mentally sane:


Nothing is more important than your body shape while you’re riding. With gyms closed, home workouts are becoming the standard so you’ll need to reinvent your workout practices.
You can watch online classes or just subscribe to some Youtube channels that will help you to create a routine. If you schedule your time for exercise it will give you more time to plan ahead some other family activities.

And if you are working from home, why don’t you start the day with some exercise? It will help you to stay focus all day.


We know that almost all bike races for this season were cancelled or postponed. Normal daily training routines are also in standby. This however shouldn’t be an excuse to stop training and be prepared for future challenges more than ever.

(If this is obvious for you, please accept our apologies) But if you can’t get out, why not ride indoors? Fortunately nowadays you can find a lot of apps with virtual running and cycling training that will help you keep your competitive levels high. There you can smash your goals and compete with other people around the world.

Keep this in mind, we are all in this together. So, it’s easier if you enjoy your free time by connect with others. Visit your App Store or Play Store and let it be your best ally for the moment.


Yes, the quarantine time is also a good reason to focus on the things you’ve been putting off.
The time at home will give you plenty of reasons to fix things by yourself and to dedicate some quality time to your bike maintenance.

You can also test new accessories to improve your time and performance on the road. That way your bike will be ready when you’ll be able to go outside again.

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