Pro Octane
Pro Octane


Pro Octane

New utility can

Polisport ProOctane is much more than a regular utility can. This high-quality heavy-duty can is homologated to comply with ADR standards (valid for Europe), which makes it safe and legal to transport fuel on roads and not only for Off-Road use. The can is produced with highly durable and resistant walls and includes a leak-proof cap for transport. The cap has also an oil/fuel mix gauge so you can identify the fuel mix and, with the utility can, comes an oil mixer included.

The two-handle design was developed to make the filling process easy and effortless if you're using the Hose filling system or the Quick Fill Spout.

There are also some accessories available to use with Polisport’s ProOctane: The Filling Hose + Cap, that will make the filling process easy, with a fluid stream of fuel. This system has an auto-stop device to avoid the spillage of fuel; Also available separately, the Filling Hose (without cap); and very soon; the quick Fill system for those who need an even faster pour rate.

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