Polisport Move - New brand image for the future of mobility and family transport
Polisport Move - New brand image for the future of mobility and family transport


Polisport Move - New brand image for the future of mobility and family transport

Focused on its clients’ needs, and the final client social media profile we´ve decided to formally separate the communication and branding of the products focused on family transport & mobility from the ones related to the cycling and sports range.

This change represents the total division of the bicycle accessories range into two - Polisport Move and Polisport Cycle. This means, that now, our communication strategy will be more directed and segmented according to the customer preferences, searches, and needs. This is materialized in different communication strategies, separated social media channels, divided website sections, and POS materials.

Logo Polisport Cycle

Logo Polisport Move  

Polisport releases this new identity changing the brand positioning, with a new logo and new image – Polisport Move. This transition arises also from the need to modernize and materialize the communication and branding with the brand product’s strategy and market position that we want to adopt from now on, focusing more and more on family transport & mobility accessories.

It’s time to “Move Through Life”

Move has its origin in the Latin word movere – “move, set in motion” – that’s the message we want to communicate, we intend to make a difference in the mobility and commuting world, and we want to make everybody more active, and therefore healthier. The modern look we aim for Polisport Move is imprinted on the minimalism and simplicity present in the logo design. Regardless, this new image is also modern, dynamic, and versatile, as we see our solutions for mobility.

Over the past 44 years, Polisport has been able to keep up with the market evolution through innovative products and services, answering the needs of the most demanding clients. This new generation of commuters is more and more demanding, more concerned about sustainability and green products, and eager for mobility solutions as individuals or families. Polisport Move materializes all those needs.

Pedro Araújo, Polisport’s CEO & President, assumes that this new branding change reflects exactly that, “this split between Polisport Move and Polisport Bicycle is a very important step, towards to be closest to a more target customer and better respond to the needs of this new “commuter “client” that sees the bicycle as a real solution for mobility.

The president, and founder of the company, also reinforces that, “Polisport Move, with this new image, wants to remind all of us, that big changes start with small steps, the world that we stand for in the world that we stand on. So, we needed to move on.”

Be the change. Start moving.