Polisport Move - A Sustainable Way to Move Through Life
Polisport Move - A Sustainable Way to Move Through Life


Polisport Move - A Sustainable Way to Move Through Life

The world moves on. Commuting by bike is now a growing, and safer, trend worldwide. Do you want to be part of the change to a more sustainable world?

The world faces enormous changes each minute we breathe. Global emissions are reaching record levels and show no sign of slowing down. This made us rethink how we could move through life without harming the environment and still enjoying every second of the journey.

Moving through cycling and sports over the past 40 years, Polisport rethinks its journey and moves on to a new era.

We are developing greener products and greener ways to have them delivered to your home. We are focusing on new sustainable processes that will increase our efficiency and reduce our ecological footprint. We are focused on products for sustainable means of transport and mobility.

This alone was reason enough to make us start moving and create Polisport Move.

But... what's Polisport Move?

Polisport Move is a new division in the Polisport Bicycle area that, now, incorporates all products related to mobility and transport. We are focused on the launching of new products that will favour the family transportation and mobility, without forgetting the development of the product by itself, having in mind not only sustainable processes but also sustainable materials. The creation of Polisport Moves materializes a compromise of the company to sustainable practices that will be extended not only to the new products but also to the previous range.

By creating Polisport Move we are also looking to reach a more specific target audience that like us, is eager to include sustainable means of transport and mobility, and sustainable products in their daily lives.

We created specific social media channels and a web page where we will update all the information about our new greener products, our processes and share with customers our proposals and tips to enjoy life in a greener and healthy way. Stay tuned.

We move one to become earth-protectors.

We are creating greener products, greener ways of making them arrive at your home, we are creating new sustainable processes that make us not only more efficient but also more sustainable.

We move to be closest to the one's we love.

We have a totally committed R&D team, coming up with the best products to assure you quick means of sustainable transportation, to arrive sooner [and safe] to the one's you love.

We move one to be healthier.

We are committed to a healthier way of life. That’s why our products are not only focused on competition but also on mobility and transportation. With this, we want to make everybody more active, and therefore healthier.

Follow our next adventures, we will tell you all about these changes. We can only hope you can move on with us.


Polisport Move.

We move you through life.