Polisport Group presents news at Eurobike
Polisport Group presents news at Eurobike


Polisport Group presents news at Eurobike

The world's leading manufacturer of child bicycle seats will be present at the world's largest event dedicated to soft mobility, from 13 to 17 July, in Frankfurt, where it will present the latest innovations among the group's brands.

In all, six brands will be on display, dedicated to soft mobility, with special focus on baby seats, an area in which the Polisport Group is a world leader and in which it has recently received international recognition, having received the EQTM - European Quality Trademark® seal, awarded by the European Organization for Quality.

The Polisport Group is currently in Portugal, and abroad, seen as an example to follow in the panorama of quality, because by receiving the EQTM® seal, it became part of a group of reference in international industrial quality.

The brands 

Bobike, a brand positioned in the premium sector, with a strong presence in the Netherlands and Northern Europe, highlighted the double wall chair, a unique model in the market and exclusive to Bobike, which guarantees extra protection.

Polisport, brand of cycling accessories for sport and amateur competition, area that has reinforced the line of road, MTB and Gravel mudguards, will present the launch of the Move area - Polisport Move - dedicated to accessories for sustainable urban mobility, present with special emphasis on the range of baby carriers and trailers.

Polipromotion is the Polisport Group company dedicated to the production and customization of bottles and products linked to water consumption, presenting the new lines of bottles produced from sustainable materials, such as the so Portuguese cork and sugar cane.

News in terms of Polisport Group brands' presence at Eurobike

Dieffe, entry brand oriented for the use of the bicycle for mobility and leisure.

Catlike, top brand oriented for the professional road competition market.

Pavilion 8.0, space F13

Environmental concerns are also part of the DNA of the group, which will bring to Eurobike solutions for new sustainable materials to produce products related to soft mobility and bicycle use, such as some of the products already mentioned. These brands and many new products will be on display at the stand that the Polisport Group will have in Pavilion 8.0, space F13, at Eurobike.

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