Polisport Bicycle 2021 - Catalogue 2021
Polisport Bicycle 2021 - Catalogue 2021


Polisport Bicycle 2021 - Catalogue 2021

Bicycle Catalog 2021 - Now Available

It´s with great joy that we release our new season Catalogue.

We all know that 2020 has been a critical year due to the pandemic, but we never gave up. Mobility and sustainability are, more than ever, a worldwide topic and concern for the global population. It’s through greener means of transportation and sustainable products that we can tackle this issue. So it just made sense to keep pushing to be part of the change, offering products that will help you enjoy your life in a healthier way, do your favorite sport, hang out with your family or just commute in your daily life.

We are developing greener products and greener ways to deliver them to you. We are focusing on new sustainable processes that will increase our efficiency and reduce our ecological footprint. We are focused on products for sustainable means of transport and mobility.

That said, we decided that this year we wouldn’t have a printed version of the Catalogue. We are presenting an interactive pdf that you can easily browse and connect to other promotional content as technical or promotional videos.

Nevertheless, we will continuously update this digital version. More new products will be released and, as soon as we have them, we will update this file and share it with you.

This is also a special year for us because it´s the year where we are officially launching Polisport Move, the new division in the Polisport Bicycle area that, now, incorporates all products related to mobility and transport. In the future, we will focus on new products for the family, transport and mobility, without stopping to search for greener materials and more sustainable ways to produce them.

In a short time, we will update our Dropbox with the 2021 products HR photos, lifestyle images, technical videos, and the Catalogue editable files.


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