How do I fit my helmet?

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The helmet must be adapted to the user's head. Select the right helmet by trying on several sizes, and choose the size that feels most comfortable and secure according to the form and structure of the head.


Start by putting the helmet on your head in such a way that the front and back of the helmet are at the same level and parallel to the floor.

When the helmet is fitted perpendicularly to your head, the front and rear straps must be at the same level (check level of the passers - located immediately under your ears).

If the belts are not at the same level, they may be adjusted by pulling them through the rear of the helmet.

To adjust the length of the belts, slide the belt that needs to be adjusted, up or down, until it reaches the correct position.

Any slack can be taken up using the buckle.



1.     The straps must not cover your ears;

2.     The buckle must be away from the chin bone;

3.     The ends of the straps must be fastened to the rubber rings;


To ensure that the straps are correctly adjusted, try to remove the helmet from the front and from the back of the head.

If it slides to the front, adjust the rear straps.

If it slides to the back, adjust the front straps.

Adjust the interior diameter of your helmet using the adaptor in your helmet.

Start by opening the adaptor system, put the helmet on your head and close and adjust the system.

To ensure that the system is correctly adjusted, shake your head slightly with the retention system open - the helmet should not fall from your head.

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