Eurobike 2022 - We Care About the Future
Eurobike 2022 - We Care About the Future


Eurobike 2022 - We Care About the Future

The environment is a concern for the brands of the Polisport Group, the world leader in the manufacture of seats for children's mobility on bicycles,

Anyone entering pavilion eight at the Frankfurt Messe, where Eurobike is being held, will see a stand that catches their eye with its child and baby bicycle seats, the green that peeks through the wooden slats and, above all, the slogan "we care about the future".
"This is Bobike's big theme, this year it is environmental sustainability, we are presenting here a set of new materials that are environmentally friendly and we are having an enormous acceptance, all the clients, at this moment, are paying a great attention to this aspect". Said Pedro Araújo, Chairman of the Polisport Group.

Recycled ocean plastic, polymers developed from sugar cane and cork, are part of the new materials applied in the product lines of the Polisport Group brands, environmental responsibility is a subject of affection for the world leaders in the manufacture of child mobility bicycle seats.

In all there are six brands present, which show the latest in the market:

At Bobike, a brand that is positioned in the premium sector, with a strong presence in the Netherlands and Northern Europe, the focus is on the double-wall seat, a unique model on the market and exclusive to the brand, which guarantees extra protection.

Polisport, brand of cycling accessories for sport and amateur competition, area that has reinforced the line of road, MTB and Gravel mudguards, will present the launch of the Move area - Polisport Move - dedicated to accessories for sustainable urban mobility, present with special emphasis on the range of baby carriers and trailers.

Polipromotion is the Polisport Group company dedicated to the production and customisation of bottles and products linked to water consumption, presenting the new lines of bottles produced from sustainable materials, such as the so Portuguese cork and sugar cane.

But the novelties don't stop there, as in terms of the Polisport Group brands present at EuroBike, it is also worth mentioning Dieffe, an entry brand geared towards the use of bicycles for mobility and leisure, and Catlike, a top brand geared towards the professional road competition market.

In the six brands present, there are different positioning and products, but a common syllable: environmental sustainability. "Without a doubt, if companies don't look at this aspect very, very carefully, there is no future. We have no doubt that this could become a problem". Pedro Araújo concluded.