Behind the Scenes with Antoine Cancian from Monster Energy Kawasaki Racing Team
Behind the Scenes with Antoine Cancian from Monster Energy Kawasaki Racing Team


Behind the Scenes with Antoine Cancian from Monster Energy Kawasaki Racing Team

Since sports were forced to stop due to the COVID-19, we wanted to discover more about the work of Monster Energy KRT with their Europe coordinator.

Antoine Cancian is the Europe Coordinator of Monster Energy Kawasaki Racing Team and, according to the teams’ website, «with the return of Desalle and the addition of Romain Febvre, KRT boasts the most impressive twin-spearhead in the sport, the duo boasting no less than thirty-six career GP victories between them and both supremely confident of yet more success aboard the incomparable KX450-SR factory bike. KRT has enjoyed a proud history in the motocross world championship for more than a quarter of a century with an impressive list of world titles for Stefan Everts, Sebastien Tortelli, and Mickael Maschio».

But how does a team prepare to race against the fiercest competitors in the world? That is what we all want to know. Let’s check with Antoine and take a glimpse behind the curtain of an MXGP team.

Polisport:When do you usually start the preparation of the bikes for the season?

Antoine Cancian: Let us say that we are always in development. Nobody can say that they have the perfect bike so that is my mentality of competition. It is endless to make things better for racing. We start to develop new items during the year, and we go testing just after the season (around the end of September/beginning of November). After those tests, we valid the new spec and we have time to produce those new items for the beginning of the next season.

Polisport:What are your main concerns and tasks as Monster Energy KRT Head Mechanic?

Antoine Cancian: My main concern is that my team has everything in time for work in the best condition. I mean parts, tools, whatever they need. I am in close relation with the Technical Manager (Vincent Bereni) and our Manager (Francois Lemariey) for organizing all. I am the link between the Team and the suppliers/sponsors for having the best efficiency.

Polisport:What was the focus of the team this year, in terms of bike development?

Antoine Cancian: The focus of the team this year is the same as every year: WIN. As I said, development is endless. So, we continue to develop with all the team and effort from our sponsors to make the bike lighter, faster, better for our riders.

Polisport:There are big mechanic differences between the bikes of the riders?

Antoine Cancian: There is no big mechanic difference as it is a Kawasaki 450 KX SR. But every rider is different so the bikes from RF3 are not the same from the ones from CD25.

Polisport:What are you doing, with the current situation, to keep busy and prepare the races that are coming?

Antoine Cancian: In this strange situation, yes, we prepare the new calendar for the 2020 season. We also start on 21' season: we have some time now, so it is best to be ready for all. It is also complicated as the world is in quarantine, but we manage and with the help of our Sponsor/supplier, we can continue to work.

Forced to stop due to the global situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, the sports and, especially, The FIM Motocross World Championship calendar suffered some changes to ensure the health and safety of the staff, teams, riders, and fans. We cannot wait to go back on the track. #PolisportPlastics

Photo: MXGP