5 Must-See Movies for Off-Road Enthusiasts
5 Must-See Movies for Off-Road Enthusiasts


5 Must-See Movies for Off-Road Enthusiasts

Now that half of 2020 was canceled we need to spend more time at home. Taking that into consideration, here some of the best movies to get you through

Do you have plans for the weekend? Now you do!!!  

If you’re looking to escape from the current reality and travel back to the traks and trails, this is the time. These movies offer you the chance to get out there and appreciate the beauty of the two-wheels world.

Unchained: The Untold Story of Freestyle Motocross (2016) | IMDb: 7,9/10

Narrated by Academy Award-nominee Josh Brolin, «Unchained» is the is the definitive, adrenaline-soaked story behind the birth and boom of one of the most extreme sports out there. Get behind the scenes of the beginning of Freestyle Motocross. Travis Prastana and Tony Hawk appear on this documentary to tell you a bit more about the story of Freestyle. Where can you watch it? It's now on Netflix.

On Any Sunday (1971) | IMDb: 7,8/10

A documentary from 1971 that was nominated for an Oscar. The movie shows different perspectives and personality distinctions between people doing different kinds of racing, such as motocross or desert racing. You can expect to see Steve McQueen, Malcolm Smith, along with many others.

Motorcycle brands featured in the film include some forgotten gems, such as BSA, Bultaco, and Hodaka. During the documentary, Bruce Brown highlighted this intoxicating race world filled with rugged road riders and the grueling excitement of muddy and murderous motocross.


Long Way Round (2004) | IMDb: 8,6/10

«Long Way Round» is a documentary series that follows the trail of Ewan MacGregor and Charley Boorman on a journey from London to New York on a BMW R1150GS. McGregor and Boorman also make witty emcees, cheerfully upbeat even when they wonder aloud if one of their gun-happy hosts is a psycho murderer. The result of their adventures can be seen on a journey of 19,000 miles (31.000 Km) around the world.

What can be better than watching tow friends riding their bikes through magical places like Siberia, Mongolia, and Alaska, to reach the big apple?



Tougher Than Iron: The Enduro At Erzberg (2009) 

Are you up for some Extreme Enduro? Join the 1500 riders that line up to tackle the ‘Iron Giant’, an iron mine, in central Austria, where one of the toughest races in the world takes place.

You can check the 2007 champion from Poland Taddy Blazusiak, and some other “top dogs” battling physical and mental breakdown, such as Chris Birch, Cyril Despres, Andreas Lettenbilcher and Paul Bolton.


Motocrossed (2001) | 6,6/10

Motocrossed takes a look at the to the sport with a comedic approach. It's the story of young racer Andrew Carson (Trevor O'Brien). He is set to participate in a big race that his family believes he can win. Misfortune strikes when he breaks his leg and can't compete. Not wanting to sacrifice victory, Andrew's twin sister Andrea (Alana Austin) pretends to be him and enters the race.

Motocrossed silver lining message, about how girls can be just as skilled on a motorbike as boys, makes a good watch.

If you reach to the end, and you're still feeling a little lost and nostalgic you can read more about how we are dealing with confinement times here. For now, just keep safe!