5 Minutes With...Pedro Araújo
5 Minutes With...Pedro Araújo


5 Minutes With...Pedro Araújo

Recently we had the pleasure to have Racer X’s Bryan Stealey at our headquarters. We took him to visit the Polisport Group facilities and he also had


"Racer X: How did Polisport get started?

Pedro Araújo: I started the company more than 30 years ago for one reason: I was at the time racing motocross, and at that time in Portugal no one was producing plastic parts for motorcycles. I was at the time 19, so I was very, very young. I was still studying and I started the company. Very, very small company at that time. It was my beginning. I began producing first front fenders, rear fenders, and hand guards. They were the first parts that we produced in Polisport.


Racer X: Did you plan on making this into a big company?

Pedro Araújo: No, in the beginning it was a very, very small company. It was completely impossible for me to realize that the company would grow as it is now. But later, a few years ago, I understood that because every year we were increasing our sales, and then we start exporting to outside Portugal. And at that time I understood that the company could be a very, not a huge company, like it is now, but it could be much bigger than it was at that time.


Racer X: What do you feel is next in the United States for Polisport?

Pedro Araújo: I believe that on the U.S. market we can grow. We have room enough to grow. Every year we feel that our clients, they are more and more open to increase and to develop the business with Polisport. Every year we are giving a lot of attention to this market. Every year we are at the Indy show, we are visiting clients, all the clients at least two times a year, sometimes three. We understand that in America it’s very important to have this kind of a relation.

What I want to tell the American customers is that, for this year, we are preparing a very big range of new products that will be presented at the end of the year, beginning at the next trade show in America next year. They are very innovative products. I’m convinced that the American clients will enjoy a lot the new products that we are developing. We have a lot of new ideas and we want to have a wide range of products. So next year they will see for sure."

Take a look at the full interview at Racer X Online here: http://bit.ly/14UCqaL

Photo by: Bryan Stealey