There are new handguards available for Gas Gas and Husqvarna 2021 onward Enduro models New mounting options in Polisport Handguard range, with the launch of new lever mounting kits for Gas Gas and Husqvarna 2021 onward enduro models.

Quick and easy to install, MX FLOW and BULLIT have a perfect fit with these specific brands and models. Both have outstanding designs, despite the different features. Seized to MX and Enduro, MX FLOW is made in plastic and debuts a new handguard generation with a vented design for airflow, protecting riders’ hands and master cylinder. In turn, BULLIT has the same functionalities but is a lighter solution, although it’s also made in plastic.

Designed for MX and Enduro riders, it provides high levels of protection and resistance, as well as high ventilation.

Now MX FLOW and BULLIT are available for TE/FE 22 onward and EC/EC-F 21 onward models in OEM colours. Black/white, white/black, white/red and nardo grey/white are the colours selected for this range extension that aims to give riders the best hand protections possible.


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