Build of the Month ... Lund Mx
Build of the Month ... Lund Mx


Build of the Month ... Lund Mx

Als erfahrener Mechaniker hat uns Lund Mx im Laufe der Zeit an unglaubliche Rekonstruktionen gewöhnt.

This month, we selected a Rebuilding the top end on KX250 that has too many hours on the piston, Lund Mx dedicated tons of hours to this bike, you will notice

Many things have happened with this bike over the years, unforgettable adventures, memorable stories, and we know how our bike can tell a lot about us. This is one of those bikes that will last in time, its condition is enviable and even more so after Landu's work.

KX250 “is coming out insane!”

Set aside twenty minutes to watch this vid. It’s worth it.