3 Reasons to Choose Our E-Bike Helmet
3 Reasons to Choose Our E-Bike Helmet


3 Reasons to Choose Our E-Bike Helmet

The E'City helmet was developed to meet the specifics of NTA 8776 as well as its design was designed to match your daily outfit.

The current trend of E-bikes is increasingly implemented and a special bike, needs a special helmet. Speed E-bikes have their own requirements so that users can safely be adapt to their use. And one of them is the use of a helmet that complies with the requirements of the NTA Standard 8776.

Apparently, the speed E-Bike helmet looks like a normal bike helmet, but the main differences are the greater area of protection of the head and the absorption capacity of a larger impact. 

Find out three reasons that make E-City the ideal helmet for E-bikes and to commute safely:


  • Offers the exclusive Conehead Technology to protect you against higher impact speeds, since it covers a wider area of the helmet when compared to a regular helmet.
  • Complies with the requirements of NTA 8776.
  • Includes safety reflective stickers for increased visibility on the road.


  • Easy-to-adjust retention system.
  • The front visor will assure some sun shade while commuting.
  • E'city includes an side lock, and a set of thermoformed inner pads that will help in the absorption of perspiration.


  • Designed to match your daily outfit.
  • Available in two different sizes  M and L  and, in black and white.

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