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About Us

Polinter is an industrial company which produces technical and highly complex plastic parts. The quality of the injected parts is the result of a specialized and dedicated team and a modernized plant with top machinery. 6-Axis Robots, top machinery, raw materials of excellent quality, diversity and differentiation, innovation, research, flexibility is what you will find at our facilities.

Plastic Injection Plant

Polinter Plásticos, a Portuguese public limited company based in Carregosa, Oliveira de Azeméis, is dedicated to providing services for injection molding of plastic materials and, since February 2006, extrusion blow molding.

The company’s activity is focused essentially on the demanding and competitive market of components for two-wheeled vehicles ¬– bikes and motorbikes – as well as baby chairs for both vehicle types. The company went into business in 1980 under the name Oliveira e Silva, Lda, which was changed to Polinter Plásticos, Lda in 1988. In August 2009, its legal status was changed to Polinter Plásticos, S.A., a public limited company.

Polinter is currently 100% owned by Polisport SGPS, S.A.In 2005, as part of an internal restructuring process, the role of CEO was created. Since then, Polinter has actively pursued a strategy of investment and modernization which has resulted in remarkable growth.Polinter recently acquired two blowing machines, a 300 ton injection machine and several robots, in addition to modifying its layout in consultation with the Kaizen Institute. Furthermore, the company introduced a number of management tools such as the Balanced Scorecard, using a set of indicators regarded as fundamental to the implementation of company strategy.

Factors were systematically identified with a view to achieving the company’s objectives. In its ceaseless quest for quality and excellence, Polinter has implemented and certified a quality management system in accordance with NP ISO 9001: 2000. In July 2009, the company was distinguished by IAPMEI (Institute for the Support of Small and Medium Enterprises) as an SME Leader (an award granted for superior performance).

Virtually all of the products manufactured by Polinter are destined for the international market, insofar as they are acquired by the Group company Polisport Plásticos, which exports approximately 97% of them to over 60 countries in the EU and beyond.


• Experience resulting from 33 years in business;
• Installed base: customer references;
• Know-how and experience in the field of plastics: team quality, knowledge of both the market and business processes;
• Extended set of complementary skills, enabling continuity in business relationships with customers;
• Internal capacity to implement new processes, manufacture new products and provide new services;
• Financial solidity resulting from a sustained ability to generate positive results;
• Quality products;
• Dynamic and flexible attitude;
• Directors’ strategic vision;
• Investment in R&D, modernization and training;
• Investment in new technology. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Apoios Comunitários no âmbito do Portugal 2020

Designação do Projeto

Inovação Produtiva: Capacitação tecnológica e produtiva da Polinter para o fabrico de produtos diferenciadores.

Código do Projeto

Objetivo principal
Reforçar a competitividade das PME

Região de intervenção
NUTS III - Área Metropolitana do Porto (Baixa densidade)

Entidade beneficiária
Polinter Plásticos SA — 501292691

Data de aprovação

Data de início

Data de conclusão

Custo total elegível

Apoio financeiro da União Europeia - FEDER- 896.864€
Apoio financeiro público nacional/regional - N/A

Objetivos, atividades e resultados esperados/atingidos:
  • Incrementar a capacidade, flexibilidade e eficiência produtiva por via da incorporação e adoção de novos equipamentos/ tecnologias, indispensáveis à sustentabilidade do crescimento da empresa, que lhe permitam potenciar a sua competitividade no mercado, aliando a oferta de serviços/produtos diversificados, inovadores, competitivos (qualidade/preço) e de qualidade a uma capacidade de resposta a encomendas, dentro dos prazos estabelecidos;
  • Garantir elevados padrões de qualidade, dando resposta às necessidades de clientes cada vez mais exigentes, através da fabricação de peças plásticas injetadas com níveis máximos de qualidade, conjugada com a prestação de um serviço de excelência;
  • Promover a sustentabilidade ambiental e energética da atividade produtiva da empresa, por via da adoção de tecnologias mais eficientes, permitindo alcançar uma significativa redução dos custos ao nível energético.