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Policy Management

A professional approach

The company believes that the secret to its success lies in its ability to satisfy each of its customers.
Polinter’s aim is to serve discerning customers looking for:

  • Competitive prices;
  • Punctual delivery;
  • Zero defects.
Accordingly, it is committed to continuously improving performance, with a focus on:

  • Reducing costs;
  • Fulfilling production schedules;
  • Eliminating defects;
  • Working with reliable suppliers;
  • Motivating employees.

To this end, Polinter strives to produce at the lowest possible cost while avoiding defects and complying with production schedules, operating with the support of highly trained employees, using the appropriate equipment and materials and taking into account the relevant instructions and standards.
During production, the progress of process parameters and product characteristics is controlled and recorded, taking into account process and product control plans.
Manufacturing activities are planned and prepared, identifying the necessary resources and defining priorities and schedules so as to fulfil orders within the requested timeframes and at the lowest possible cost.

Machines, tools, documentation, control devices, materials, and personnel are all suitably prepared to ensure production proceeds as planned.

As regards resources and infrastructure, Polinter’s priorities are increasing skills in critical functions, promoting the use of information technology, creating a climate of continuous improvement and motivating its staff.


Polinter keeps its finger on the pulse of the industry, tracking innovations in areas such as plastics technologies, new materials, injection machines, accessories and automation companies. The company subscribes to technical journals in various fields in order to stay abreast of industry innovations and technological trends.

The company is a member of APIP – Portuguese Plastics Industry Association, which is devoted to promoting and developing production and processing in the plastics industry, besides representing its economic, technical, social and associative interests - with regard to both Portuguese bodies and international organizations.

The company is also a part of PIEP – Center for Innovation in Polymer Engineering, an association formed by initiative of the industrial sector in close collaboration with the University of Minho DEP-UM (Department of Polymer Engineering) and IAPMEI (Institute for Support of Small and Medium Enterprises).
The goals of the Center for Innovation in Polymer Engineering (PIEP) are to respond in a timely manner to the RTD (Research and Technological Development) needs of the industry, developing new materials and supporting the creation of innovative products, processing technologies and production tools, and enhancing the creation and transfer of know-how resulting from structured RTD activity.

No less relevant is the fact that PIEP has made a significant contribution in terms of training by supporting the development of human resources in the field of polymer engineering with practical skills in industrial innovation processes.

Polinter has a close relationship with the University of Aveiro, welcoming its students with open arms.
In addition, it maintains a protocol with ISCIA – Higher Institute for Information and Administration Sciences, devoted to consulting and training.