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Polisport Group, is an international company founded in northern Portugal, in the 80´s. Nowadays the Group employs 360 permanent personnel and works with most important companies from both sectors of activity - bicycle and motorbike. The Polisport Group brands are spread across 70 countries worldwide.

The Group specializes in motorcycle and bicycle accessories, having successfully established itself as a market leader with a growing international presence.

The Polisport Group is currently made up of 5 companies (Polisport Plásticos S.A., Polinter S.A., Headgy Helmets, Polisport Molds, Polipromotion and Polistar), with a total of 360 employees at 6 facilities in Oliveira de Azeméis, Vale de Cambra and Arouca, in Portugal.     

The Group owns the following brands:

Polisport Off-road
Polisport Bicycles
Polisport Molds
Headgy Helmets 

The main products of the Polisport Off-road brand are replica plastic parts for off-road machines (Enduro, Motocross and Supermoto). The range also includes headlights, handguards, body protectors and other accessories. 
With our Polisport Bicycle brand, we are a world leader in the production of baby seats for bicycles, selling over half a million units per year and setting industry standards. The brand’s product range also includes mudguards, water bottles, helmets and various other accessories. 

The company Headgy Helmets, S.A., established in Portugal in 2013, is dedicated to designing and producing safety helmets for cyclists.

In late 2013, the Polisport Group acquired a 100% stake in Dutch company and former competitor Bobike - Bicycle Safety Seats, thereby becoming a world leader in the bicycle baby seat market.

In 2018, Polisport Group created Polipromotiom - a company focused on the customization of Sport Bottles.

The Polisport Group sells 97% of its output to the foreign market, including brands like KTM, BMW, Suzuki and Decathlon.              

Keeping the entire production cycle in-house means greater control over quality and cost. Ultimately, it means the ability to deliver products we can fully trust. 

And that is our mission.

Group Headquarters
Research & Development
Bicycle assembly lines
Bicycle warehouse and shipping
13,000 m2
140,000 ft2

Plastic Injection Plant
5,700 m2
61,500 ft2

Mold Manufacturing Plant
5,000 m2
54,000 ft2

Helmet Manufacturing Plant
160,000 ft2

Polisport Motorcycle
Motorcycle Warehouse and Shipping
64,500 ft2 /6,000 m2

Sport Customization Bottles
28,000 ft2 / 2,600 m2