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The long passionate ride

Polisport was born of enthusiasm and the passion of cycling

The Polisport Group is made up of 5 companies (Polisport Plásticos S.A., Polinter S.A., Headgy Helmets, Polisport Molds, Polipromotion), with over 370 employees at 6 facilities in Oliveira de Azeméis, Vale de Cambra and Arouca, in Portugal.    

We specialize in motorcycle and bicycle accessories, creating custom-made products for two-wheeled vehicles. We are now a world leader in the production of baby seats for bicycles, with over half a million units per year, as well as being official OEM suppliers to leading brands such as KTM, BMW, Suzuki and Decathlon.

We sell 97% of our output to the foreign market, and Polisport brands can be found in 70 countries worldwide.

Our 22 registered patents, five brands and 19 design trends have garnered recognition and awards from worldwide organizations.

Passion, Innovation and Globalization are what inspire our daily work and make us who we are.


This is the story of how it all started.

It all began in 1978, back when getting new plastics was a huge challenge and took longer than we were willing to wait. One summer holiday I got a part-time job so I could earn enough money to buy a bucket of polyester resin, which at that time cost the equivalent of 90 euros. By the time I had managed to earn the money, school had started again and the resin had to wait until the Easter holidays.

By then the resin was worthless, so I decided the only thing for it was to bet on a “mass producing” of mudguards and then trying to sell them. Just imagine 300 mudguards spread all over my garage and garden. A priceless memory.

I got in touch with the stores where I used to buy my plastics, and they were very interested in the products I showed them. The first orders were placed. I was in business.

1978 was the year in which the company began building parts for motorcycles, and it was these products that turned Polisport into an international brand. In 1988, the first bicycle accessories came off the production line. First came baby seats, followed by mudguards, water bottles and helmets over the next eight years.
Today, each new project is pursued with the same joy and enthusiasm as those memorable bike rides. No matter how much effort it takes, we know that this is the approach that will give us the satisfaction of achieving our goals. From the very beginning, our company has grown by pursuing ever higher standards.

Over and over again throughout its history, Polisport has innovated, learned, competed and achieved, and will continue to do so.
Pedro Araújo
CEO & President