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Guarda-Lamas para Bicicleta

O.E Protetor de Corrente


Ups, ainda estamos a trabalhar neste descritivo! Prometemos ser breves!

  • Tipo de Roda: 28"
  • Tipo de utilização: City
  • Tipo de Fixação: Chain
  • kit de montagem Incluído
  • Outras Características:
  • Our chain case allows an easy maintenance and access to the chain since you can un-clip the front part without using any tools.
  • Fully made of resistant yet lightweight polypropylene, the two combined parts are simply snap ped together with the small clips installed all around.
  • This system also eliminates the glide noises.
  • Customizable for OEM clients: Now, with the use of IPD, Inmold Plastic decals, it can also be stylish, with a durable and scratch resistant decoration.
  • As an OEM part, it can be customizable with any kind of graphic, allowing vivid colors an empowering your brand image.
  • Our O.E chain case accommodates larger chain rings (up to 44 teeth)
  • The chain case also protect your clothing from getting dirty.
  • The Chain Case is secured to the bike frame using two special metal parts, which are available in diferente sizes and shapes so that you can easily adapt the chain case position in relation to the line of the chain.
  • Material: polypropylene .
  • 100% recyclable material.
  • Mounting Kit Included.
  • Cor: white; black
  • Peso: 551 gr / 1,21 lb (set)
  • 8623900001 branco/preto
  • 8623900002 preto/preto
  • 8623900003 cinzento escuro/preto
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