Polisport Releases Universal Helmet Visor
Polisport Releases Universal Helmet Visor


Polisport Releases Universal Helmet Visor

Whether you are in group, or alone, on countryside, or in the city, this visor will provide a safer trip to you and to whom you meet along the way.

In Polisport we are aware of how covid-19 pandemic affected our daily lives in multiple ways and pushed us to out of our comfort zone each day. It is also known that, more than ever, physical activity has increased its importance on maintain our mental and physical health.

Having that in mind, and since innovation and adjustment were the main values that we stand for during this pandemic, we create a universal visor designed to protect you while you are riding your bike for leisure or commuting purposes.

The universal protection visor is designed to protect the wearer's face and eyes from splashes and spays resulting from coughs and other biological products. It is especially recommended for use with cycling helmets, if there is any risk of the projection of organic fluids resulting from breathing. This lightweight PVC visor is simply applied on a wide range of helmets by using the 3 zip ties provided to attach it.

Besides that, these zip ties are reusable, which means you can assemble and remove the visor as many times as you wish. This universal visor face protection was considered safe under the conditions of its intended use, as per the requirements of Regulation (EU) 2016/425. It was manufactured to guarantee maximum user satisfaction and comfort, to protect the wearer, meeting the requirements established by the competent authorities, as a safe product for its intended use. It also does not affect the cyclist vision, due to its transparency.

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