Come siamo stati riconosciuti con il marchio EQTM®
Come siamo stati riconosciuti con il marchio EQTM®


Come siamo stati riconosciuti con il marchio EQTM®

How are the strategic vectors guaranteed to deliver continuous quality?

All symbioses between these vectors culminate in what can be called Quality. In Polisport Group, quality is subdivided into Service Quality, Product Quality and Process Quality. The Group is aware that the EQTM ® recognition brings new responsibilities, and also relies on its vast network of partners, customers and suppliers to fulfil them.

Quality of Service - distributor satisfaction is assessed through an annual survey, as well as that of the end customer. There is very close contact with the end customer, through social networks, since all the Group's brands are present in these networks, resulting in strong communication channels. In terms of complaints, the use of email is avoided, since complaints management software allows a more fluid and effective flow. Still, within the quality of service, the Group has a large stockpile, so responses to customers are adequate to their needs.

Product Quality - the management of new products goes through an internal process that, the origin of the concept, and all issues related to product quality and specifications, as well as all necessary tests and certifications. DFMEAS (Design Failure Mode And Effects Analysis) processes were introduced more recently, as another process for the excellence that is sought daily. Baby carriers are a product where safety and quality must be paramount, so this process allows for the analysis of the product from all perspectives. The Group is prepared to test products to the standard. However, to ensure a greater margin of safety, tests are performed above the established standard. All tests are supervised with care, precision, and efficiency, and are improved daily. From the first validation to the annual planning of routine tests, testing is continuous to ensure everything is controlled.

Process Quality - whether in the manufacturing process or the information management process, the Group currently has several software programs that cover the entire information network and database of the company. These software guarantee the quality of the entire Supply Chain process since it is inside the system and possible to be used by any authenticated user. These updates also allow the reduction of intra-group e-mail use, thus avoiding a greater flow of processes and overloading of mailboxes. Although the concept of Quality 4.0 is recent, the Group is aware that it is something achievable and applicable to the company's reality. These processes ensure that the maximum amount of information and inputs are obtained to make more efficient and conscious decisions.

Polisport Group is determined by the Quality of its products and processes because it believes that it is an environmental, efficiency and safety issue. Ensuring Quality is the guarantee that all processes are efficient, sustainable and safe.