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Polisport Sport Bottle & Bundle Kit

2018 Collection

The bestseller bottle with new graphics

Already a classic, this bestseller bottle gained new graphics to suit the current trends. It's compatible with all cages in the market. The fast opening and closing snap system is safe in case of impact with wheels. The tip is also safe and assures the right amount of flow.

Polisport Sport Bottle complies with food contact regulations and is safe to use in the dishwasher (50ºC max). It has no taste or odor.

Do not heat in the woven.
Don’t fill with boiling liquids inside.
Don’t keep liquids inside for a long time.


For the 2018 Collection, we release a Bundle Kit with our Premium Bottle Cage (available in black) and the Polisport Sport Bottle (available in white/black). A smart choice to complete your bike kit.