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Quality Test Center


The complete cycle

Over the course of 36 years in the off-road market, we have never stopped looking for better solutions and better products, and we have constantly striven to innovate. This is why we remain deeply committed to delivering high-quality motorcycle products and have constantly sought to maximize our involvement in the production process.

Having our own Design Center means our products are designed in-house at Polisport headquarters. From there they go into prototyping and testing in our laboratory. The next step is to make the molds, which takes place at Polisport Molds, the most recent addition to the Polisport group. This is followed by injection at Polinter, our injection plant. The final steps are assembly and shipping.

Keeping the entire production cycle in-house means greater control over quality and cost. Ultimately, it means the ability to deliver products we can fully trust, and that is what drives and motivates us.

The legal requirements are stringent and industry standards are high.

In order to remain one step ahead, we have built our own modern quality control center with all the technology required to ensure that our products comply with the standards imposed by regulatory bodies.

What is more, having our own quality control center means we can continue to develop and test innovative solutions for our products.

Quality Management System


Polisport is certified by Scope of the Quality Management System NP EN ISO 9001:2008: Design and production of innovative products for two-wheeled vehicles, ensuring performance with safety and distinctiveness.


ISO provides internationally recognized frameworks and standards for organizations, in the areas of products, services and systems.

ISO aims to enhance customer satisfaction through the effective application of the system, including processes for continual improvement of the system and the assurance of conformity to applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, while meeting customer needs...


Management System of Research, Development & Innovation


Innovation is one of the main values at Polisport. That explains our clear focus in the development of new technologies and innovative products.


With regard to innovation, Polisport has developed systematic cooperation with external organizations, through membership of IMDA (Inmold Decoration Association) based in the United States.

There is also a co-operative project with an American company in the field of IPD (In-mold Plastic Decals), with the purpose of making the production process more flexible.


In 2011 Polisport was certified by the Innovation Management System Accreditation according to the NP 4457:2007 standard.

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