President of Portugal Visits Polisport
President of Portugal Visits Polisport


President of Portugal Visits Polisport

Portugal's President compliments the company on its achievements, vision and innovation capacity.

In a journey dedicated to industrial companies with strong innovative and export component, the President of the Republic visited 

the headquarter of the larger domestic exporter of the two wheels sector. Guided by Pedro Araújo, CEO of the Polisport Group, 

Cavaco Silva had the opportunity to see the products, the manufacturing process and exclusive technologies that helped to 

assert the brand in over 67 markets, where Polisport it operates.


At the end of the visit, the Head of State emphasized the shown "ability and vision", assuming that in the actual context entrepreneurs 

like Pedro Araújo are "real heroes".


 In turn, Polisport' CEO reminded that have been gifted by Cavaco Silva, in 2010, the first distinction of the COTEC-BPI Group, and 

that he saw this visit more like an incentive when the company has just become world market leader regarding baby seats for bicycles.

At the present, Polisport Group is made up of 4 companies (Polisport Plásticos SA, Polinter Sa, Headgy Helmets, Polisport Molds), 

in a total of 273 employees around 5 facilities at Oliveira de Azeméis, Vale de Cambra and Arouca.     


The Group is specialized in motorcycle and bicycle accessories, in 2013 had a net income of 24,537 million Euros and

 redirected 97% of the production to the foreign market,including brands like KTM, BMW and Suzuki.               


Paulo Freitas, Sales Manager, states that the Group "develops custom-made products for the two wheels sector", and it is world 

leaderin the production of baby seats for bicycles "with over half million units per year".            


With 22 registered patents, four brands and 19 design trends, the Group also stands out due to the manufacturing of plastic fairings,

which do not need the application of letterings in sticker material. This technology is known has IPD (Inmold Plastic Decals).


In 2013, the group investment in research and development was of 5% of total sales, an approximate amount of 600,000 Euros.  


By the end of 2014, the group aim to achieve a turnover of some 31.5million and, just like last year, plans to distribute 10% of 

the profit by the workers.    



 Photos: kindly provided by FOZMOTOR