Polisport Cooperates on Manufacturing Visors for Healthcare Professionals
Polisport Cooperates on Manufacturing Visors for Healthcare Professionals


Polisport Cooperates on Manufacturing Visors for Healthcare Professionals

The world changed. This change is forcing a readjustment by all companies, a necessary daily and continuous transformation.

Our world has changed. This change is making companies reinvent themselves. It’s a daily and continuous transformation required to face the difficulties brought by the disease.

However, a change that also appeals to social responsibility, so important to deal with the struggle we are facing, to maintain the values of our society – preserve the people. Today's needs made us extend the commitment we put in the production of all our products to the production of protective visors to assist healthcare professionals. It was through the manipulation of materials used in the production of our products that our Innovation Department developed a prototype that served as the basis to produce the protective visors, together with Jeteprodesign and Clenport 3D.

These are some of the faces who have successfully received the visors to protect themselves from this pandemic. These protective visors are 100% free for our healthcare professionals and we also guarantee our commitment to the continuous production of this material in order to have it delivered as soon as possible to more National Healthcare Centers.

One of the most important Polisport goals has been the continuous search in innovation and excellence in our products, such as our performance parts and accessories to keep your motorcycle protected and the plastics to renew and give a coolest look to your bike too.

Today, the focus of this mission shifted a little to guarantee the safety and protection of our healthcare professionals, the heroes who sacrifice themselves daily to ensure the safety of us all.

Stay at home, stay safe. 🌈 We will keep your bike protected as well.