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100% LED technology




We started to write a new page in off-road lighting. LED headlights are definitely a technology for the future, not only because of their ecological advantages but also for the better lighting performance. The HMX LED is the best company to off-road riding in dark conditions.

RoHS – Restriction of certain hazardous substances
Led bulb 3 W 30° 12V 
Led illumination – 100% LED technology
Electronic circuit developed to be used in two and four strokes motorcycles
Stable light, with no flicker during low and high rpm
Cool white light providing optimal brightness
Long life led light bulbs
No special installation required
Less energy consumption than halogen lights
Universal mounting system
Connections: Striped wires
Protective transparent polycarbonate lens cover
Headlight extensions (20mm and 40mm) and rubber straps for vibration reduction included
Graphics: Polisport decals
  • 8657100001 (white)
  • 8657100002 (black)

Headlight Extensions - 8678300002

LED bulb 3W 30º 12V - 8678100010

Vibration Reduction Straps - 8671100001

If you still have doubts check out our related Faq´s

Assembly Instructions

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