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chest protector

Body Protections

Rocksteady Youngster


It’s not hard to make strong chest protectors. The challenge is to design them cleverly so they don’t get in the way of comfort and enjoyment. Rocksteady has a flexible body to allow free movement of the torso and is designed to be used with a neck brace.

Complies with EN 14021-2003
Neck-brace compatible
Adjustable body rotational parts
Ergonomic design
Easy slide straps on side and shoulders for perfect adjustment
Shoulders adjustable in two positions
Fully removable shoulders allow the removal of the stone shield without removing the helmet
TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber) graphics
Easy to dress / easy to undress
Cooling vents
  • 8002300001 (black)
  • 8002300002 (white)
  • 8002300003 (red CR 04)
  • 8002300004 (blue yam 98)
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