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Facts & Figures

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I&D and Technological Network

Relationship with technological partners

In innovation, Polisport develops systematic cooperation activities with external bodies.

These include partnerships with domestic and foreign suppliers to carry out IDI (Investigation, Development and Innovation) activities, including design, mold manufacture and prototyping.

There are cooperation and subcontracting projects with Universities, Technology Centers or other organizations of the Science and Technology system (C & T), including the University of Aveiro, University of Beira Interior (UBI), the Centre for Excellence and Innovation in the Automotive Industry (CEIIA) and the Centre for Innovation in Polymer Engineering (PIEP). Polisport is now also integrated in the PEM Cotec Network.

Polisport is also a member of the technical committee of the IMDA, In-mold Association, a U.S. based association of companies.


This whole dynamic of strategic co-partnerships allows us to get the best technical solutions for your project, because even after 30 years in the off-road business, we strive every day to improve our performance.

We use exclusive technologies. We think of innovative products. We make performance plastics.

If you need further information you can always get in touch with our I&D manager.

Ana Costa



Polisport Group, is an international company founded in northern Portugal, in the 80´s. Nowadays the Group employs 250 permanent personnel, and it is spread across 70 countries worldwide, working with most important companies from both sectors of activity; bicycle and motorbike.

The Group is specialized in motorcycle and bicycle accessories and stands today as leader and has continued to strengthen its presence internationally, becoming an enterprise of success.

At the present, Polisport Group is made up of 4 companies (Polisport Plásticos SA, Polinter Sa, Headgy Helmets, Polisport Molds), in a total of 273 employees around 5 facilities at Oliveira de Azeméis, Vale de Cambra and Arouca.     

Ao Grupo Polisport pertencem as marcas:

Polisport Off-road

Polisport Bicicletas

Headgy Helmets 


No que diz respeito à Polisport Off-road, the main products desta marca are replica plastics parts for off-road machines (Enduro, Motocross and Supermoto). The range include also headlights, handguards body protections and other accessories. 


Na marca Polisport Bicicletas somos leading European producer of baby-seats and it is world  leader in the production of baby seats for bicycles "with over half million units per year", setting the standards for the industry. A marca também tem na gama mudguards, water bottles, helmets and several other accessories. 

Headgy Helmets, S.A. is a company established in Portugal in 2013, dedicated to the design and production of cycling safety helmets.

In the end of  2013, Polisport Group acquired 100% of the Dutch company Bobike - Bicycle Safety Seats - once a competitor – and becomes world leader in the bicycle baby seat market.

Polisport Group redirected 97% of the production to the foreign market,including brands like KTM, BMW, Suzuki and Decathlon.              

Keeping the complete product cycle in-house means a better control of quality and cost. In the end, it means delivering a product we can fully trust. 

That’s Polisport Group mission.


Group Headquarter

Research & Development

Bicycle assembly lines

Bicycle warehouse and shipping

13.000 m2

140.000 ft2


Plastic Injection Plant

5.700 m2

61.500 ft2


Molds Manufacture Plant

5.000 m2

54.000 ft2


Motorcycle warehouse and shipping

Helmets manufacture plant


160.000 ft2

Sales Department

The focus on the quality of service is undoubtedly one of the clear commitments of the Polisport Group, and an added bonus for the customer.

Our sales department works for more than 70 countries worldwide.
We have 9 dedicated salesperson that manages all communication with the customer bridging the gap with the organization.

If you need futher information related to our sales department you can always get in touch with our sales manager.

Mr.Paulo Freitas