New Bubbly Restyling is Now Available
New Bubbly Restyling is Now Available


New Bubbly Restyling is Now Available

The Dutch style child bike seat gets even fancier. Discover new colors and details, now available at your local distributor.

The Bubbly child seat is the perfect choice for those families who search for a sturdy, comfortable and simple seat to use on a daily basis.

The Dutch design of Bubbly was now enhanced by adding a cool texture on the backrest of the seat - no rain or sun will disarm that look. On the bottom of the seat, we also find a soft, comfortable, and waterproof cushion. The new harness belt is made of a softer material and features new comfortable paddings. The back of the seat is now even fancier with a glossy and discreet logo.

Besides all these new aesthetic features, you can find Bubbly seat in 5 different mounting system – no doubt it will answer all your fitting needs, and is the perfect choice to carry your little baby or your cute toddler. Front or rear seat, for carrier or frame, Bubbly Plus range will be the delight of your new commuting rides, and the best is that it can grow along with your child.

Here are the 10 Best Reasons for cycling with your children:

1. Cycling with your child teaches them how to behave in traffic

2. You’re outdoors

3. Cycling is healthy

4. Cycling is sustainable

5. Cycling saves you gas

6. The child is more likely to ride a bike themselves later on

7. Cycling teaches kids about nature

8. Cycling makes you feel free

9. Cycling is now safer than ever before

10. Cycling makes you feel happy

More than these reasons, riding a bicycle with your child will help you to keep them engaged, reducing the screen time and making you their favorite company on the road.Now you know all advantages, pick your favorite child bike seat, and go outdoors with them.

Check the Bubbly range with all the possibilities included to attach to your bike: for front head tubes, for frames, from small frames or 29'' wheels and for carriers.