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Incandescent headlight




Universal mounting headlight with 35W headlamp bulb and a 4W running light

Meets the following standards: ECE; SAE; DOT
Homologated to be road legal (Europe, USA)
35W 12V S2 headlamp bulb
4 W 12V running light
Connections: female terminals 2,80x0, 5 mm
Universal mounting
High impact resistance
High/low beam and 3rd light
Headlight extensions (20mm and 40mm) and rubber straps for vibration reduction included
The angle of the headlight beam is adjustable
Graphics: Polisport decals
  • 8662800001 (white)
  • 8662800002 (black)
Headlight Extensions - 8678300002

Headlamp Bulb 35W 12V - 8678100005

Vibration Reduction Straps - 8671100001

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Mounting Instructions

Download PDF 67.36 KB