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Restyling Kits

EC-F -Lower Radiator Scoops


Polisport's Lower radiator shrouds for GAS GAS are developed with our exclusive technologies - IPD (in-mold plastic decals) and DGP (durable gloss propylene) -, for this reason our parts are even more resistant and durable than the stock ones. The fit is also perfect and you won't have any trouble with the installation. No further drilling required. Colors are also perfectly matched with OEM; the finish is glossy and the colors bright. If you want OEM quality don't look any further.

Why Polisport Lower Radiator Scoops are the best choice for your dirt bike?
  • Sold as a pair
  • Developed with Polisport special technologies IPD (In-mold plastic decals) and DGP(durable gloss propylene)
  • Injection-molded, quality plastic components with a perfect OEM fit.
  • Exact replica of stock OEM plastic components but stronger
  • Inexpensive alternative to OEM replacement parts.
  • Stock color match with less fade
  • Glossy and flexible
  • Impact and abrasion resistant
  • Less prone to scratching or marking

8415400003 - red
8415400004 - black - OEM Color 12-15
8415400005 - white - OEM Color 13-14
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