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Restyling Kits

EC450-Front Fender


Polisport's front fenders are produced with Polisport's exclusive technology - DGP (durable gloss polypropylene) - making them more durable, with a perfect combination of resistance and flexibility. On top of that, the Polisport replica plastics have a glossy finish and colors that perfectly match the stock parts and make your dirt bike look great!

Why Polisport Front Fenders are the best choice for your Enduro or Motocross Dirt Bike? Injection-molded, quality plastic components with a perfect OEM fit. Exact replica of stock OEM plastic components but stronger Inexpensive alternative to OEM replacement parts. Stock color match with less fade Glossy and flexible Impact and abrasion resistant Less prone to scratching or marking Submitted to rigorous Control Tests Packaged in a printed plastic bag
8571800001 - red - OEM color 08-09
8571800002 - blue
8571800003 - black - OEM Color
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