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Front + Rear

Cycling Mudguards

Expander City


Expander front mudguard is compatible with disc brakes or V-Brake, and suspension or rigid bikes. The size can easily be adjusted for a better fitting according to the usage or wheel size. The rear mudguard combines 3 exclusive mounting options to increase the fitting on a wider range of bicycles. These mounting options combined with the possibility to expand the mudguard, will guarantee a universal fitting for all bikes.

Wheel size: 26"; 28"
For: MTB, Trekking
Type: SET
Mounting kit included

Other features:
Section: 55mm
Front - 560mm a 630mm
Rear - 695mm a 725mm
Weight: 537 gr/1,18 lb

Other features:
Section: 46mm
Front - 560mm a 630mm;
Rear - 695mm a 725mm;
Weight: 509 gr/1,12 lb
Section 51
8624900001 - Black

Section 46
8627800001 - Black
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