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Foldable pit plastic mat

Performance Parts & Accessories

Bike Mat


Polisport’s BIKE MAT is the ultimate accessory for racing teams as well as riders who do the bike maintenance themselves. Developed according to FIM standards regarding liquid spillage, BIKE MAT stands out from any other system for its foldable design that makes it easy to carry by hand and even easier to store or to transport in your car or truck.

Developed according to FIM standards
Foldable design to allow easy storage (Truck; Garage; Pit)
Embedded porous mat to avoid oil and fuel spillage (Absorbs up to 1L/ 0,8 gal. of oil/fuel)
Resistant structure built in polypropylene
Pre-cut mold allows the use of bike stands
Compatible with the majority of bike stands in the market
Built-in handle for easy transportation
Functional pockets can be used for the storage tool and other parts
Easy to clean
Available in all OEM colors
No tools required
Includes two absorbent mats as spare part
Weight: 9500 gr / 20,94 lb

Open size: 1800mm / 70,87” x 990mm/38,98”

Foldable size: 511mm/20,12” x 990mm/38,98”

  • 8982200001 (yellow RM 01/black)
  • 8982200002 (orange KTM/black)
  • 8982200003 (blue yam 98/black)
  • 8982200004 (red CR 04/black)
  • 8982200005 (green 05/black)
  • 8982200006 (black/black)
Absorbent Mat (2 units) - 8982300001
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