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Performance Parts & Accessories

Fork Boots


When you're re-building your vintage bike, details are of the essence. Fork Boots are one of those little parts that make all the difference. Polisport is releasing a complete range of vintage fork boots that wi’ll be the perfect fit for your bike. Built in a rubber like material, Polisport’s fork boots will avoid mud and dirt on the fork stanchions. Protecting them from scratches or damages.

  • Rubber-Like material
  • The material stretches to fit bigger forks
  • Avoid mud and dirt on the fork's stanchions
  • Protect from scratches and damage
  • Durable and resistant
FORK BOOTS 215mm (length) x 28mm (top Ø) x 55mm (bottom Ø) x 11 waves
Ref.: 8356000004 black

FORK BOOTS 215mm (length) x 28mm (top Ø) x 50mm (bottom Ø) x 14 waves
Ref.: 8358000004 black

FORK BOOTS 250mm (length) x 32mm (top Ø) x 60mm (bottom Ø) x 20 waves
Ref.: 8363000004 black

FORK BOOTS 350mm (length) x 41mm (top Ø) x 58mm (bottom Ø) x 28 waves
Ref.: 8365000002 blue | Ref.: 8365000004 black | Ref.: 8365000007 red
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