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Foldable pit lift bike stand

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Foldable Lift Bike Stand


Polisport's Foldable Lift Bike Standt is the first hybrid bike stand (made of plastic and metal) to bring together the lift feature with a completely foldable design. The bike stand’s foot pedal will help to elevate the motorcycle with minimal effort. Its structure is strong, resistant and the interior is fully reinforced with a metal frame, making the stand handle up to 200 kg / 440 Lb. The built-in handle makes the transport easy and comfortable, while the completely foldable design will save a lot of space at home or in the truck. The top of the stand is built in a rubber like composite that will give the best possible grip to the motorcycle’s frame. When performing maintenance the handy functional pockets can be used to store tools or small parts.

Minimal effort to elevate the motorcycle
Foot pedal incorporated to lift and lower the stand
Folding design
Easy to carry with buit-in handle
Reinforced structure with a metal frame
Anti-slip top to grip the bike's frame
Safety lock system to avoid accidents
Bi-material: polypropylene and rubber
Space saving
Functional pockets to store tools
Lifts up to 200kg / 440 lb
Built-in rubber pegs to avoid slipping

8982700001 - yellow/black
8982700002 - orange/black
8982700003 - blue/black
8982700004 - red/black
8982700005 - green/black
8982700006 - black

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