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Policy Management

The Polisport Group is modern and dynamic, and works in partnership with the most important companies in the bicycle and motorcycle sectors. In the past few years, developing technologies in both process and production have enabled us to acquire the knowledge needed for the research and design of innovative products.


We invest in our employees’ skills and our technological capacity, promoting an internal culture based on:
  • Customer orientation;
  • Innovation and creativity;
  • Ethics;
  • Flexibility; 
  • Multi-skilled staff.


To design and produce innovative products for two-wheeled vehicles, combining performance with safety, differentiation and enjoyment.
We believe that the success of the Polisport Group depends on:
  • Innovation, in the form of new product releases, new technologies and marketing campaigns;
  • Service, in the form of trusted partnerships with clients and suppliers.


To cement our position as sector leader by leveraging our brand’s prestige and by gaining recognition for our innovation, quality, technological differentiation and the distinctiveness of our products.