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Policy Management

The Polisport Group is modern and dynamic, and works in partnership with the most important companies in the bicycle and motorcycle sectors. In the past few years, developing technologies in both process and production have enabled us to acquire the knowledge needed for the research and design of innovative products.

Who we are

The Polisport Group brings together five companies in Portugal, and one in Brazil, dedicated to the two-wheeled sector. Our management system promotes continuous research, design, and development of innovative products.

What we do

Polisport’s main products in the bicycle sector are Bicycle Children Seats, Helmets, Mudguards and Waterbottles. We are European leaders in the sales of bicycle baby seats. In the motorbike sector, we produce for OEM and after-market. In the automotive sector, we produce car baby seats.

For whom we do it

We produce for the biggest bicycle and motorbike manufacturers and also for the after-market. The production of car baby seats is intend exclusively for one client only.

How we do it

We develop and apply innovatively technological solutions taking into account the specific needs of the markets.

Quality Management System

Scope of the Quality Management System NP EN ISO 9001:2015: Design and production of innovative products for two-wheeled vehicles, ensuring performance with safety, differentiation and leisure.

Scope of the Management System of Research, Development Innovation NP 4457:2007 : Research, development of new products, processes and technology solutions of accessories to be used in two-wheeled vehicles, as well as innovation in organization and marketing.