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Project Management

Advantages of having Headgy as a partner

Headgy brings together the expertise of two major helmet-manufacturing companies, both with prominent positions in their respective markets.
This fusion resulted in the creation of a new company with all the resources needed for comprehensive development of new products, from design to assembly, through prototyping, mold making, production and logistics.
The result is an optimized production process (cost reduction and increased efficiency) enabling us to offer the best price for helmets manufactured in Europe.
Headgy’s knowledge of the worldwide market, coupled with total control of the production process, enables it to achieve levels of flexibility and innovation that are beyond the reach of most competitors, and position itself as an ideal partner for "private label" products.
Thanks to production and storage facilities located exclusively in Portugal, Headgy has reserve stocks for fast delivery anywhere in Europe.
A core component of Headgy’s strategy is to provide a quality service at highly competitive prices and, in particular, to offer a "Made in Europe" label.
Our dedicated team is waiting to get started on your project. Contact us to receive information about all our procedures.