End-User Medium Risk Alert
End-User Medium Risk Alert


End-User Medium Risk Alert

Potencial risk for Groovy Reclinable System and Guppy Maxi Plus Reclinable System.

Potential risk when used with excessive load, during extreme conditions, with incorrect use, and without the frame seatbelt properly installed.


  • Affects only Guppy® maxi plus reclinable system RS+ and Groovy® reclinable system RS+
  • The potential issue is only when using these child-seats in extreme conditions as per example: big road holes, jumps and off-road ways with an excessive load than the one indicated in the product user manual – 22kg, and without the frame seatbelt properly installed.
  • Both products are duly homologated and fulfil integrally EN14344 standard.

At Polisport we are totally committed to the safety of our products. Our full range of child-seats is all approved, developed, tested, and certified according to the EN14344 standards, and GSmark. Despite all the test certificates that we have for the complete range, for each new production, a batch of tests is conducted internally in our laboratory to make sure that the new batch is totally safe to use. In one of these internal and abusive tests controls that we made to new batch productions, beyond the standard requirements and beyond normally product usage, we´ve identified a potential risk when the seat is used in extreme conditions and without the seatbelt frame. Having identified this potential risk, we are conducting a voluntary end-user risk alert to all our sales networks, clients, and end-users.



- Guppy® Maxi Plus Reclinable System RS+
- Groovy® Reclinable System RS+
- PRODUCED ONLY BETWEEN January 17th (2020/W13) and July 11th (2020/W28)


- Guppy® Maxi Plus for Carrier (CFS) 
- Guppy® Maxi Plus for Frame (FF) 
- Guppy® Mini 
- Groovy® for Carrier (CFS) 
- Groovy® for frame (FF) 
- Groovy® for Small Frames and 29ers 

1. Start by checking if your child-seat is a Guppy® Maxi Plus Reclinable System RS+ and Groovy® Reclinable System RS+ included in the OF numbers above.

2. If so, 
  • ALWAYS USE all Polisport seats with the frame seatbelt and in particular, these two models listed above. Please have as reference the image bellow that describes how to properly install your frame belt.

  • TO AVOID THIS POTENTIAL RISK, the end-user only needs to correctly follow the instruction for use and properly and safely install the child seat on the bicycle, and use the child-seat according to the instructions provided in the product user manual. If, for any reason, the installation on your bicycle cannot be done as the instruction manual describes, especially referring to the installation of the frame security belt, please do not use the product to avoid any potential risk for the cyclist or the child. 
  • PLEASE RE-CHECK ALL THE USER PRODUCT MANUALS to make sure that you accomplish all the steps required for safe use and that you are aware of the safety warnings. 

You can download here the products user manuals:
Product user manual for Groovy Reclinable System RS+ here
Product user manual for Guppy Maxi Plus Reclinable System RS+ here 

  • NEVER USE these, and any Polisport, child-seats in extreme conditions as per example: big road holes, hard trails, jumps, stairs and off-road ways.
  • NEVER USE these, and any Polisport seats with a bodyweight above than the permissible defined by the EN14344 standard – 22 Kg. 
  • NEVER USE any Child-Seat without fully check the instructions and safety warnings provided in the user manual.

3. Despite being only a potential risk alert, if you feel no longer safe in using these child-seats, please return your product to the place you bought it and activate the warranty policy through the after-sales service. 

What is the issue? 

When used in extreme conditions as per example: bumpy floor, big road holes, jumps, and offroad ways, or with an excessive load than the one indicated in the product manual – 22kg,or without the frame seatbelt properly installed, there is an inside lever on the reclining mechanism that can get out of the housing if the seat is at the most reclined position. The reclining mechanism will stay inoperative and the connection between the reclining base and the bicycle attachment becomes fragile. If they occur the child seat cannot be used anymore because child safety gets compromised. 

I have another Polisport Guppy or Groovy Model, are they safe to use? 

Yes. Guppy Maxi Plus for Carrier, Guppy Maxi Plus for Frame, Guppy Mini, Groovy for Carrier, Groovy for small frames and 29ers and Groovy for Frame, are totally safe to be used. This alert is only for the Reclinable System (RS) model.

How can I find the OF Number of my child-seat? 

Turn your Child-seat upside down. On the bottom side, you find a white label including all product production information. In this label, you will find all the information you need to clarify if your seat is one of the involved child-seat.

Has there been any accidents or incidents because of this issue? 

No, we have not received any reports about incidents or accidents related to this. We are issuing the alert as an own decision to eliminate any potential safety risk, and only as an output of our extreme internal tests’ controls. 

Do I have to bring my receipt of purchase when coming in for Warranty activation? 

Yes. To activate the warranty return policy through the after-sales service, you need to have the receipt. If you no longer have the receipt to activate the warranty you can directly contact us. 

If I want to buy a new Guppy or Groovy with a Reclinable System, will they be safe to use? 

The involved seats on this alert from the indicated batches, still not sold to the end-users, but already in the worldwide retailers’ stock, are being improved, and they will be identified as improved seats so that the retailer makes sure he has the full stock improved. All productions after August 2020 will be as well improved and reinforced not only according to the requirements of the EN14344 but also according to our own extra standards to double reassure the safe usage of the child-seat.